Helping HARP-F communicate impact and share learnings

With a website no longer fit for purpose and an urgent need to improve their online presence, the Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme Facility (HARP-F) approached Giant Digital to develop a new platform to better suit their needs.

Aligning organisational purpose and digital presence

The original website was created at the beginning of their programme in 2016 to introduce the HARP-F grants portfolio, deigned to deliver humanitarian assistance in Myanmar. With this phase over, and the programme coming towards its completion, the team at HARP-F needed to demonstrate the results achieved, and share the learning and knowledge accrued by their partners on delivering humanitarian assistance in protracted crisis. The original website was not structured nor intended for this purpose and a quick and effective solution was needed to replace it.

HARP-F website

Taking a flexible approach to deliver urgently needed solution

HARP-F wanted a digital agency with experience working with humanitarian organisations, so approached the team at Giant Digital in early 2021 to discuss their needs. It wasn’t a standard website build from the outset - tight deadlines meant that there was often a need to find quick, simple solutions, rather than follow the more structured website development process.

Thankfully HARP-F already knew exactly what they needed to achieve, and we fully understood the urgency, and embraced this alternative approach. Employing pragmatism and agility, the Giant Digital team worked closely with the team at HARP-F to develop a site that would serve their needs and act as a knowledge bank for future humanitarian programming, allowing them to share learnings and communicate impact.

HARP-F website

The key to success: Collaboration and communication

We were very fortunate that HARP-F had full internal backing for this project. Everyone understood the importance of the new website and therefore we had very few stumbling blocks along the way. We introduced everyone to the Giant Digital project team from the outset so the team at HARP-F knew exactly who would be responsible for each stage of development and one clear point of contact throughout.

"Our new website meets our needs perfectly. We now have a logical site structure, clean design and straightforward CMS. Our platform incorporates our knowledge bank and integrates with Mailchimp and social media, to enable us to build and maintain our communications. The team at Giant Digital have provided us with an amazing website that will support our future needs and help us share the impact delivered by our local, national and international partners in Myanmar."

Bénédicte Walter, Senior Learning and Impact Expert at HARP-F

About HARP-F

The Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme Facility (HARP-F) is an innovative instrument funding humanitarian assistance in Myanmar, specifically designed to strengthen the role of national civil society in rapid onset and protracted crises. Through our partners, we have been working to address acute humanitarian needs, build resilience and reduce the vulnerability of populations affected by successive crises and natural disasters in Myanmar and on the border with Thailand.

Since 2017, HARP-F has committed over £73 million UK humanitarian funding to provide the most vulnerable populations, primarily internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees, with services in water, sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, health, food provision, protection, livelihoods and shelter. To date, we have reached over 900,000 conflict and disaster affected people. We have granted another £4.3 million for COVID-19 prevention and control.

HARP-F is funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO, previously DFID) and managed by Crown Agents.

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